Gökhan TokaI am a digital marketing professional, and search engine marketing professional, offering my services worldwide as a top talent freelancer in my domain. But not only that… I am also a traveler with +50 countries traveled so far , a veteran snowboarder, a horror movies geek, a photographer and video producer, and a father

And once! I used to define myself as a “blogger” and this blog includes a collection of blog entries I have orginally produced and shared on numerous different blogs and websites. Some of the entries are so old that, they date back to 2004!

As the time passed, all those websites and blogs have became history. But I had the SQL databases saved and long forgotten on some desktop folders… And yes, I decided to upload them, for a reason (apart from practicing my SQL skills)

Most of the entries are so old that I dont agree anymore with most of their sharply worded ideas. When I agree with the idea, it is often the “tone” of voice, which sounds, as the voice of a total stranger to my ears now. Some of them were supposedly very funny back in time, but they are not funny to me anymore.

So, if you get annoyed with them, please dont go hard on me, OK? However if you enjoyed them 🙂 feel free to:



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